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A warm welcome from barnsley metropolitan borough Council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council are delighted to work alongside Barnsley Road Club and local volunteers to deliver once again the Barnsley Town Centre Races, a huge event within our 2022 civic summer events calendar. 

The night should see thousands of spectators coming into Barnsley on a summers evening, giving the town a much needed economic lift after the effects of the global pandemic. 

The event with a crucial role in both the Mens and Womens British Cycling National Circuit Series, and as such will showcase the best cycling talent, regionally, nationally and maybe some of our domestic international stars.

Race Headquarters


Digital Media Centre

County Way


S70 2JW

Access via Old Mill Lane only due to traffic restrictions/road closures

rider Parking


Free Car Parking is available outside of the headquarters. Although event stewards will be present, the Organisers accept no liability for any damage, loss or injury related to access to the headquarters or car park.

We ask that you arrive in good time as Barnsleys Traffic will be very busy on a Friday evening, particularly when the road closures come into effect from 3pm onwards

Race Regulations

The race with be held under the Technical and National Circuit Series regulations of British Cycling, and the specific regulations set out in the 2022 Handbook which is also published on the British Cycling website

Gear Checking


If you are a Junior or Youth License holder, you are required to undertake a gear check BEFORE you sign in. You will be given a gear check sticker that is to be presented to the signing in team

Maximum gear measurements are as follows

Junior:                                               7.93m

Youth A:                                            6.93m

Youth B:                                            6.45m

Youth C:                                            6.05m


If your machine is found to be beyond these ranges, then your machine should be restricted sufficiently and brought back for reassessment.

Signing on


All event staff, team managers and riders are required to sign on. Riders must produce a valid 2022 British Cycling racing licence or UCI licence. Please ensure that the licence is signed and an up to date photo is displayed. Fines may be issued if licences are not in order or presented.

Please then sign the entry start sheet, at which point you will be provided with your race numbers. This will consist of 2 large numbers (to be positioned at the lower back / pocket area of your jersey/skin suit). This should not be folded, cut or damaged so they allow the judges the best chance of seeing the number.

A jersey will be positioned next to signing on to demonstrate its acceptable fitment.

If you want the photo finish to pick up your number please adhere to these instructions. Of course, if you’re not bothered about being placed, then you can ignore this!


You will also be given a timing chip. Please bring your own scissors/snips to cut the zip ties you will also receive.  Your race license will not be returned until you return your timing chip, so be very careful with them.


Signing in closes 60 minutes before your race begins. At this time, any reserves will be allocated a space. If you are late, then there may be a chance you have lost your place.

Warming up

Please note that there will be no time available to warm up on the actual race circuit. We recommend you use rollers or a turbo trainer. The lead bike will give you a lap and a half sighting lap upon entry to the circuit. Absolutely NO warming up on County Way

Immediately prior to the race

10 minutes before the race starts, you will be asked to gather on Regents Street, and allowed access to the circuit following a briefing by the BC officials. The circuit is technical, and has multiple surfaces to tackle, including paving stones. Please use sensible caution on the circuit, as there are slight lips where the road changes between the variety of surfaces.


A national escort group motorbike will lead your race for a lap and a half to the start line, where shortly before you will be asked to come to a stop. This won’t be long, and the start of the race will be once the commentators lead a count down.


The motorbike will be removed prior to the race beginning.

The circuit

Riders Course.jpg

Race timings

Your race will be held on the following basis

  • Under 12 boys and girls 5:00 pm (15 mins)

  • Under 14  boys and girls 5:30 pm (20 mins)

  • Under 16  boys and girls 6:00 pm (25 mins)

  • Regional A adults and juniors 6:35 pm (45 mins)

  • National Womens Circuit Series, elites and all other categories 7:30 pm (60 mins + 5 laps)

  • National Circuit Series, National A 8:45 pm (60 mins + 5 laps)

There will be a lap board on the right hand side of the course on the finish line.


We will sound a bell to signify the start of the last lap.

Laps out & lapped riders

THERE ARE NO LAPS OUT in this event. Please make sure that your gears and wheels are adjusted or tightened properly. If you have a mechanical problem then you can receive service from the pits. This will be on the right

hand side of the circuit and at the end of the finishing straight

Removal of lapped riders will be managed upon the British Cycling commissaires discretion. The commentator will give you instructions if the need is felt to remove riders who have been lapped

After the Race – attend the podium quickly if you are top 3

Once you have finished your race you must leave the circuit (Via the holding area) as soon as possible in order enable a smooth transition to the next event. The timetable of races is tight so we need you to exit the course as soon as your race has finished. Riders must continue on following the course and will be directed off the course and shown how to get back to the race HQ without using the course.


Under no circumstances should you do a U turn – other riders will still be completing the course! If you do turn in the road you will probably be disqualified from the event. You should return race numbers and collect your race licence at the HQ.

prize presentation


Prize presentation will be immediately following the race. If you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd then you need to be available at the Podium for the prize presentation straight away. All series leaders and leading teams for series events will need to be present - All prizes (including any for podium places) will be posted to you after the event. There will be no “Prime” prizes

Any rider finishing in the top three should report directly to the race judges (adjacent to the podium) after the race finish to have their gears checked.

Prize list

All placements will be final once confirmed by the chief judge

Prize Presentation_edited.png

Under 12s are not permitted to receive a cash prize, and will therefore receive a gift award arranged by the organisers



If for any reason you have a complaint to lodge, these will only be reviewed after the event.

All complaints must be made in writing and accompanied by a cheque for £25 made payable to ‘Generation Pro Cycling Events’ and sent to the organiser requesting the address from